With the ever expanding construction industry in the country a high demand for this particular item has risen over the years. The use of plywood doors whilst been economical is also used in high end apartments as bathroom and bedroom doors.

Lanka Plywood has established it self as a leading supplier of quality. The company has a certification from Industrial Technology Institute for its superior kiln treated stiles. The surface of the door is laid with an imported Malaysian sheet which adds to high quality finishing of the door.

A core raw material, the stiles which are used for the frame of the door is sourced from our Plywood Sheet manufacturing arm. The stiles which get derived from the timber logs is a residual of the plywood sheet manufacturing process which gives us unlimited supply of raw material and the supply of the raw material at a minimum cost.

In respect to marketing Lanka Plywood over the years have been able to successfully complete projects as well as market to individuals. The factory has the potential of producing standard size doors, Non standard doors and solid Plywood doors which is an unique advantage to our company.

Standard Door Sizes

2’3” 6’9” 1 1/4"
2’6” 6’9” 1 1/4"
2’9“ 6’9” 1 1/4"
3' 6'9" 1 1/4"
3'3” 6'9" 1 1/4"
3'6” 6'9" 1 1/4"

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One of the pioneer plywood manufacturers in Sri Lanka established in 1986 by founder chairman Susantha Marapana. Since the inception the company has grown from strength to strength and has now cemented itself as a leader in plywood sheet & door manufacturing.
Established in 1986 as one of the pioneer manufacturers of plywood in Sri Lanka by Chairman Mr.Susantha Marapana, The company has grown strength by strength and is now one of the leading plywood manufactures of plywood sheets and plywood doors. The group currently has an annual turnover of 500 Million LKR and employees over 350 workers.


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